"Eastern Iowa Midwifery gave me professional care in a personal and intimate setting. I felt confident in their hands and was able to have the calm birthing experience I always wanted."
Annie Barkalow, Anamosa

"From the first consultation to the 6 week postpartum visit, Katie and Dara were professional and caring to our whole family. When there were potential risks they referred me for ultrasounds to assess the best path. We are so thankful that we were able to experience a home waterbirth with Katie and Dara. Their knowledge, encouragement and confidence in us was invaluable. When I had major breastfeeding difficulties, they came to my rescue. They make a great team. We look forward to future births with them if God so blesses us!"

Elizabeth Pumphrey, Marion 

"The experience I had with Eastern Iowa Midwifery was incredible. I always felt well cared for, respected and valued. This was my third child and my best pre-natal/birth/post partum care I have received. My first two children were also lovely homebirth deliveries, but neither compared to the strength I felt from Katie and Dara to believe in my body's ability to do what it was made to do. My prenatal visits were uncomplicated, but complete. All my wishes were respected regarding pre-natal testing. My birth was truly a perfect home birth. It was very relaxed with chatting among my birth team, followed by some great guidance from Katie and Dara. Again postpartum and newborn was beyond expectation with calm, soothing care in my home. I wish to thank Eastern Iowa Midwifery for the best birthing experience anyone could ask for."

Diann Behn, Jesup

"Katie and Dara are both highly competent, intuitive care providers.They take the time to get to know clients, check in on clients' physical as well as emotional/mental state ... Each has seemingly endless helpful tips and resources for any question mama/couple has ... both are very open-minded and work hard to to co-create the birth experience mama/couple wants."

Name not given

"We absolutely loved the care we received! Both Katie and Dara really listened to what we wanted. Thank you!"


""I think that there are many couples out there who are considering a home birth but are worried about the cost. I'll be honest that my two biggest concerns before interviewing home birth midwives were emergency situations and money. After interviewing a few midwives I immediately felt comfortable about the "what if's" in an emergency situation. The money still seemed to be a bit of an issue because I didn't know if or how much my insurance would pay, and in the hospital, although the total cost was about $20,000 the first time around, our insurance covered most of it so I kept thinking I should just have my second one in the hospital again. We had an alright experience there...But, after having my second one at home...I'd have a home birth again. It was so much better. The midwives took care of everything, stayed with us just long enough to make sure everything was ok and then let us be until the next day when they checked up on us again. It was nice to have your own bed and your own bathroom and to just be in your own space. It just felt more comfortable all around."

Tina J., Iowa City

"Having Katie and Dara come to my home (as I have 3 small kids) is HUGE! It meant I could have appointments during nap time, on busy days, etc. Katie is very thorough, to the point, straightforward and answers questions thoroughly. I like asking questions, and I always felt she gave honest, clear answers. Katie was very intuitive at the birth and informed me what was happening. Dara was nurturing - I felt like she was taking care of me, after the birth - helping with breastfeeding, and connecting with me on a more emotional level...We loved being able to make choices about our birth and not feeling as though we were fighting anyone. Katie and Dara were so much on the same page with us, everything seemed smooth and uncomplicated in terms of procedure and decisions. I like that you have a billing company. We had lots of issues with a previous homebirth due to inadequate billing. The newborn care was great - relaxed, not hyper charts and stats."  

Name not given

"Loved the time and attention given at each and every appointment."

Name not given

Flexible, reliable, easy to contact, personable, and with a customized balanced client/provider relationship in discussions of care/interventions. Especially appreciated the ability to discuss openly the risk/rewards of aspects of care without pressure towards a specific choice but with advice given. Katie and Dara stuck with us through significant plan changes and added continuity and security of care to a difficult time of change. They were absolutely wonderful and made my daughter's birth a healing experience despite many last minute changes in our lives and the pregnancy.

Jessica W., Coralville