"We loved the fact that after our son was born we were in our own bed in our home.  We didn't have to worry about moving rooms, being poked and prodded, or trying to sleep in uncomfortable beds.  It wasn't just a comfort issue.  We, as a family, were able to bond with the new baby sooner since we were at home." 

Welcome to Eastern Iowa Midwifery!

We offer legal homebirth services and more to Cedar Rapids, Marion, Coralville, North Liberty, Iowa City, and the surrounding areas in Eastern Iowa. For clients in the greater Cedar Rapids area, prenatal care is offered in your home at no extra charge. Prenatal care that's all about you.


 Why a midwife?

Large, well-planned studies have repeatedly demonstrated the safety and benefits of midwifery care. In addition to the safe and skilled care a midwife provides, pregnant women and their families appreciate:

  • A discreet female provider
  • The same familiar face at every visit, and knowing exactly who will attend the birth
  • Time spent getting to know the entire expectant family
  • Not being rushed through appointments or talked into procedures they don't want or understand
  • Safe, natural recommendations for common discomforts of pregnancy and minor newborn concerns
  • Attention to nutrition and how this can maximize health and energy

These services and more are offered in a nonthreatening, unhurried environment by a gentle and compassionate provider. 

Why homebirth?

As a midwife, I’ve learned the benefits of natural birth, breastfeeding, and keeping your baby close. Yet I've seen and heard of far too many who women checked into the hospital with high hopes for a natural birth, only to end up induced or augmented, epiduralized, and often ultimately C-sectioned. Many of these mothers then found breastfeeding to be a struggle, and some even suffered from postpartum depression or difficulty bonding with their babies as a result of their experiences. Many of them began to ask, “Isn’t there a better way?”

As a mother, I’ve asked myself the same question. And after attending many natural and out-of-hospital births, in addition to having my own two babies at home in the water, I’m confident that for many healthy women, homebirth is the answer.

Many couples have questions about homebirth—is it legal? Is it safe? What about the pain? How much does it cost? You can check out answers to many of these common questions by clicking on "Homebirth FAQs.” If you have a question that hasn’t been answered yet, please feel free to send me an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

·      Safe, natural home birth (including waterbirth) with a legal practitioner

·      Postpartum visits & newborn care in your home

·      Payment plans available